About Us

Here at the Beauty Brewing Company, our concept is simple – we put Beer in the Beer Leagues. Our sud missiles are all natural with no preservative or additives that are cold filtered providing a smooth, clean and refreshing taste! Remember, no good story starts with a sports drink.

Beauty Brewing Company: Great Beer, Questionable Athletes, Exceptional Value.

Our Flagship Locker Room Lager Launches in 2017!

Locker Room Lager

  • Locker Room Lager

    The Boys at the Beauty Brewing Company have crafted the Locker Room Lager just for you: the Sniper, the Grinder, the Plug, Bobby Big Wheel, Mr. Five Hole, Tommy Tough Nuts, Pine Rider and the Bench Boss.

    It’s no secret that after every game you need a case! Locker Room Lager cases not only come with great beer and a great price tag, they also come with a roll of tape! Now you won’t have to listen to that duster who is always yelling “Clear Here”. Case of Beer – Roll of Clear.

    So, dump and chill and enjoy these suds with your squad!
    Cheers, Beauty Brewing Co.


Locker Room Lager Launches 2017

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